Sunday, July 31, 2005

Trudeau striking a nerve (sorry-couldn't come up with a pun)

Keeping my fav websites list short helps to emphasize how much i love the stuff i have there (helps also to emphasize that i'm lazy and ignorant about fiddling with code, but let's stick with the first explanation, shall we?).
It's not surprising, then, that i will defend to my numerous readers (three close relatives, a guy who i bribe to log on from different pc's and a cia agent who fall asleep on his monitor) grand comic-strip master G.B Trudeau, whose recent strip about blogging propably hit pretty close to mark to receive this kind of response:
As a comic strip creator myself, i can attest that several people can't distinguish between what a believable fiction character should say, and what are the creator's actual views.
What's the matter with you? Do you prefer reading living, breathing characters, or you just like someone to preach to you 'cause you don't have brains to think of your own?
And anyway, since when did sheep started eating cat food?

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Summertime...and the bitching is easy

Friday, July 29, 2005

O,sama, where art thou?

I made this cartoon, what? Two or three years ago?
It's still relevant today.I post it for three reasons:

1.To contrast the curious dissappearance off the face of the earth of the man who kickstarted WW III with the lightspeed actions of the British police regarding the London bombers.
2.To shameless plug my book "Why do they hate us" of which this cartoon is part of,and which you can find here:
3.I always thought that at least part of my reading base should be consisted of men in uniform and wicked spy computers.This one is for you, lads!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


We Greeks are proud of our achievements.
We invented Democracy. We invented Theatre.We invented the Parliament, which is a combination of the two.
For the unimformed ones who believe we haven't actually invented anything new for several millenia, i shall demonstrate today a mere fragment of our technological secrets:
First,we take something that exists in abundance in nature, like the wind.With minimal cost (a box of matches and an oiled rag),the wind can be made to carry fire at long distances in no time flat.
The fire labouriously clears all surrounding land of the annoying thingies known as "trees", which
Reagan fans will no doubt remember that are the main source of air polution.
Than, the real miracle happens.
Out of the schorched land, a house pops up.Then another. Then another.The State will take care of the fragile little houses, watering them and connecting them with electricity from which the light will come that will help their photosynthesis or whatever it is that makes them big, strong and stable.
A new community has emerged.
Beat THAT, "advanced" nations!

It's all greek to me

Did i mention that i am from Greece? (yeah, dummy...right there on the top of the page, duh!).
Well, this being the middle of summer, let me fill you in on what to expect if you are looking for a neither "with us" nor "against us" moderately safe place for holidays (last tsunami we had was several millenia ago-though it did single handedly destroy the entire Minoic civilization).
Holidays in Greece mean:
-Product and service prices worthy of Swizzerland
-Product and service quality worthy of Eastern Mongolia (the ancient one-in case a modern mongolian reads this).
-Having to endure the obnoxious waiter's "i descend directly from Pericles" stare.
-Having to endure the obnoxious taxi driver's sweat (descending directly from the age of Pericles).
-Trying to decipher cryptic road signs that ultimately lead to the wrong end of nowhere.
-Finding out that even in the wrong end of nowhere someone has erected an aisthetically challenged concrete monstrocity
-and will gladly charge you astronomical prices for the privilege of not enjoying your stay there.

-If you are into hairy, manly chests and P.I. Magnum moustaches, you have a wide selection of our local girls to choose from.
-You get to leave this place eventually.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

War on Error

Starting a "war on something" is embarassingly easy.You just spend some years gathering facts from the appropriate analysts,then completely ignore them and go on and do what you had already had in mind anyway.
But where is the fun in that? (I know, in the afforementioned analyst's faces when they realize their true importance, but that's not what i meant).
Our war will be based on hard facts, just for the thrill of doing what no one has done before this side of the '00s.
We are starting the War on Error.
"Error" being the mondus operandi (goddamn Romans, great for lending "weight", hell to spell correctly) of every Democracy Imposing Machine (DIM for short) from smart bombs to British policemen.You read the news, so you can connect the dots: British policemen have become notoriously known for falling on hospitals and foreign embassies, while smart bombs have been known to shoot someone just for looking half a shade darker than an albino.
Our weapons?Ah, here is where we learn from the best:
What is the prime weapon used by the Western Inoccent Masses Protectors (WIMP for short)to fight suicide bombers?
Ever present Cameras, of course!
The next time you see a policeman mutterring "sorry ol' bean" over freshly killed inoccent civilian #315,
focus on the bastard and shoot: shoot to print!

Monday, July 25, 2005

First Bite

It is the best of times.It is the worst of times (when in need of a catchy start, always steal from the best).
Well, if you always wondered when is the best time to start a blog and share your thoughts with the rest of the internetdom (does this term even exists?), wonder no more.
There are all kinds of spooks and agents and other goverment officials being enlisted right now by the dozens to monitor your every web trace. Have a heart! Give them something to work on.Write a nice, juicy piece about your busy nights, and by all means include one of the osama-sounding words just to help them zero-in effortlesly.(did i write that right?)
After all, they are people just like you and me (well, propably not like me, and quite propably more like you).
Make their salary worthy.You pay for it anyways;)