Sunday, July 31, 2005

Trudeau striking a nerve (sorry-couldn't come up with a pun)

Keeping my fav websites list short helps to emphasize how much i love the stuff i have there (helps also to emphasize that i'm lazy and ignorant about fiddling with code, but let's stick with the first explanation, shall we?).
It's not surprising, then, that i will defend to my numerous readers (three close relatives, a guy who i bribe to log on from different pc's and a cia agent who fall asleep on his monitor) grand comic-strip master G.B Trudeau, whose recent strip about blogging propably hit pretty close to mark to receive this kind of response:
As a comic strip creator myself, i can attest that several people can't distinguish between what a believable fiction character should say, and what are the creator's actual views.
What's the matter with you? Do you prefer reading living, breathing characters, or you just like someone to preach to you 'cause you don't have brains to think of your own?
And anyway, since when did sheep started eating cat food?


Blogger Idάκι said...

You've got way more readers than you think, Spyros ;)

Welcome to blog-o-sphere (every time I use the term I'm picturing the Sphere in the movie with thousands of distorted faces snarling at each other - creepy!!)

Your comic strips and one-offs are incredibly spot-on and caustic. Keep it up mate!!

1:16 am  
Blogger Spi_Der said...

Thank you, Id. Caustic is just the beginning-i aim for vitriolic.
Oh,and don't worry-that counter thingie tells me exactly how many read me.And i dare say both the quality and the quantity look promising ;)

10:01 am  
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