Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's all greek to me

Did i mention that i am from Greece? (yeah, dummy...right there on the top of the page, duh!).
Well, this being the middle of summer, let me fill you in on what to expect if you are looking for a neither "with us" nor "against us" moderately safe place for holidays (last tsunami we had was several millenia ago-though it did single handedly destroy the entire Minoic civilization).
Holidays in Greece mean:
-Product and service prices worthy of Swizzerland
-Product and service quality worthy of Eastern Mongolia (the ancient one-in case a modern mongolian reads this).
-Having to endure the obnoxious waiter's "i descend directly from Pericles" stare.
-Having to endure the obnoxious taxi driver's sweat (descending directly from the age of Pericles).
-Trying to decipher cryptic road signs that ultimately lead to the wrong end of nowhere.
-Finding out that even in the wrong end of nowhere someone has erected an aisthetically challenged concrete monstrocity
-and will gladly charge you astronomical prices for the privilege of not enjoying your stay there.

-If you are into hairy, manly chests and P.I. Magnum moustaches, you have a wide selection of our local girls to choose from.
-You get to leave this place eventually.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prwti fora simera sto blog sou kai pragamtika brika api8ana ta skitsa sou kai poli eustoxa ta keimena sou. Mipws omws to paratrabikses me ta kata twn diakopwn stin ellada? Oloi kseroume pws exei i katastasi, ki emeis oi ntopioi sigoura kseroume kai ta uper (pou einai polla) alla skepsou enan kseno pou 8a to diabasei? sigoura exeis kapoio skopo alla einai ligo... kako na grafeis toso entona gia ta kata tis xwras sou, den nomizeis?

2:50 pm  
Blogger Spi_Der said...

I will attempt a quick translation of the above post as ti brings up an interesting issue:
The contributor above thinks it may be a little "too harsh" writing about things all locals can recognize, but being locals they know the (true) plus side.
There are two kinds of answers for that, my friend:
First of all,it is the sad duty of a cartoonist to point out what goes wrong, not what works like a swiss clock.
Second, one must point the weapon of humour at himself in order to earn the right to shoot others with it.Being a local you know very well in how many areas ths "hush" practice helps maintain corrupt practices.And i 'm pissed enough to admit that i pray we have zero tourism for a year or two,if that's what it takes to learn to respect others, which in the end means to respect ourselves.

3:51 pm  
Anonymous elena said...

well done spyros!i have some plans in mind about strategic actions in order to make everyone involved in tourism, to think twice before treating people like shit.(But i must say i found some bad examples in Rome, a month ago, and i gave them a piece of my mind,in...French!it totally worked!So, how are you?i haven't seen you in years, we used to work together in Kalamaki,i'm blonde, no moustache...This must ring a bell!(hehe)if not i will be terribly hurt.
go on, great site!

5:39 pm  
Blogger Spi_Der said...

he he could i forget? ;)
Long time no send me an e-mail with your news;)

6:29 pm  
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