Sunday, February 19, 2006

Just don't say I didn't warn you!

Yes, I know the whole issue of the Mohammed cartoons is not really about God,it's about a wide range of social/political factors.And that is why it's about God: because no human conflict about God was EVER about God.

Just to set the record straight:I am an agnostic.This means I don't deny the existence of God, neither confirm it.I simply declare myself open to every possibility and get on with my life.
Much to the disappointment of Those Charging themselves Interpreters of the Will of God, I haven't yet killed any significant amount of people (in fact, I miserably failed to kill even one),which rather robes said individuals of their excuse for acquiring power over our lives: that without the moral compass provided by Organized Religion,we would get at each other's throats at no time flat.
In the process of persuading us towards appointing them in that position, any and all of clergy encouraged, applauded or participated in countless bloodshed throughout history, which would rather undermine the whole notion of Moral Guidance to any sane human being, but conveniently they all say that in order to embrace God, one has to abandon sanity and embrace faith, which in turn undermines the Regulator Factor, but this again is an observation based on the use of the accursed Logic.
Now, where was I? Oh,yeah...setting the Record straight:
I am in the same business as God: that of creating. The Clergy, on the other side, is totally inadequate for the position as they never created anything, and the fact that most of them denounce the process of creating Life (up to the point of denying even their deities of being born through that process or any process at all),rather makes them even more inadequate to understand, much more communicate the Wills of someone in the business of creating Life.
The next Logical step is to appoint Me and other creators as regulators of Social interactions and every aspect of your life in general.
Of course, being a sane and logical person, I would instantly refuse the position.
The Faithful, due to their inclination to shut down their logic functions at will, would refuse me this position as well.
And so the world will continue to be in the same mess it already is.


Blogger magistros said...

I like your style and views Spider.
I totally agree with what you say in this post. It is intelligent and very well written. The same applies to most of the posts I have read. Keep it up.

11:49 pm  
Blogger Spi_Der said...

Mil thanks.Glad you like it

5:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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