Saturday, February 18, 2006

Worlds Apart

This brilliant two-page comic was Frank Miller's response to 9/11. Short,sharp and laying blame where it belongs, and all this amidst the confusion of the moment.
Whatever made him several years and one crusade later to suddenly develop tunnel vision and decide that he should make a "propaganda piece" (his words) where the Batman "kicks Al-Qaida's ass?". We will wait until "Holly Terror,Batman!" is finished and published and see.Meanwhile, we can ponder whether the answer lies within "Dark Knight Returns", his landmark Batman work and just one of suspiciously too many starring a psychotic vigilante hero.

Thankfully, not all talented comic book creators leave you with mixed feelings about their projected ideology.Neil Gaiman, the Dream King, offers a far better take on the "War of Civilizations" back when the term was at its infancy, in his brilliant story "Ramadan", part of the "Fables and Reflections" volume of the "Sandman" series: that of understanding and embracing a foreign culture instead of chosing to become part of the problem:


Blogger Dimitri said...

I suppose you’re talking about this discussion between Miller and Brownstein I've found in Newsarama. Anyway, it's here ( (Part 2 follows) if you haven't seen it.

7:28 pm  
Blogger Idάκι said...

Spyros, I allowed myself to read Ramadan the day before (didn't want to finish Fables & Reflections, didn't, didn't!)

I understood why you insisted so much on it being relative to the discussions about Arabs. I'd never forgotten the way they were depicted in 1001 Nights, nor their way of narrating - even through translation, the singing quality of the storytelling always touched me.

The final page of Ramadan which you put on here brought to my mind not the vulgar camera shots of western cable tv, but my passing every other day outside the "Libyan Arabic School of 7th April" in my Athens neighborhood and wishing I could read their flowing writing and speak in their language to the happy children inside the courtyard. I always wanted Arabic to be my next acquired language - I never found a "frontisthrio" where I could learn it.

1:58 pm  
Blogger Spi_Der said...

Thank for the link, Dimitri.
Id, glad you like the whole thing.It should be taught to schools in my opinion. (or, more modestly, replace Bibles in motel rooms).

5:29 pm  
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