Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Time Machine

"I managed to quit coffee during holidays, but can't stay "clean" now.How else am i supposed to wake up in the morning? Why, how do YOU manage to wake up?"-that's more or less how a friend of mine made me ponder how much apart i am from the majority of the working population.
How do i wake up? Simple-i wake up when i wake up.I know few proffesions where that is possible (the most profitable being "permanent teenager"-provided you have "permanently middle-aged" parents).
We are not necessarily "the lucky ones" (p.c. speak for "lazy bums").Being yourself's boss usually means way longer working hours than the norm-but guess what?The way the current "job market" is behaving, chances are YOU are working way longer hours than is humanly acceptable.
You know the reason too: "Productivity". Which is what will help your company "get ahead of the competition".Fine-but what's in it for you? Chances are you are not the CEO who will pocket the money (i don't have CEO's in my readership).So why keep the Machine alive? Do you REALLY enjoy your life in the free market society?Is dozing off exhausted in front of the TV most nights the "model society" we are so keen on imposing on the "backward" middle-east nations?
And for that privilege-the abillity to choose and buy a brand new machine, you let them -litearally-steal your dreams away?
Cause that's what happens when you don't let a human being complete normally the circle of sleep.
It's the most vivid explanation i can give you of how twisted the notion of work has become-and how a new and immediate revolution is needed to change it.
It's the only wake-up call you should accept.


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