Monday, August 08, 2005

Sin shity (no, actually it wasn't so bad!)

Most people i know loved the "Sin City" movie. While i had a good time viewing it, i certainly don't agree it's the "Casablanca" of the 'OOs.
Whenever i say that, people jump to the easy conclusion: "of course-you make comic books, so you must have preferred the comic book" (the underlying argument being "of course you will have a nit-picking defence mentality of how they left this or that character/subplot/one-liner out of the script").
Quite the reverse.It's not my love of comic books that motivated my arguments, it 's my love of cinema.
The film version was so close to the original, that it forgot to be a movie. (or, as a like-minded friend put it, "it payed to the original the kind of respect Muslims pay to the Koran").Thinks like the continuous voice over and the bigger-than-life prose work fine in print, where you can choose the speed of reading, or imagine the voice of the "actor"-they can't be duplicated in another medium which works with different sets of rules.
What's the point of "translating" something to another medium without conforming to the new medium's rules? As often happens with translations, "the faithful ones ain't pretty, and the pretty ain't faithul".


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