Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"Ok, kids..hand over your drawings"

And here is a glimpse of some of the finished cartoons.

The cartoonists who participated were the following:
1.Feggo (Felipe Galindo)
2.Gianni Allegra
3.Antonio Moreira Antunes
4.Florin Balaban
5.Dave Brown
6.Florian Doru Crihana
7.Andy Davey
8.Xoaquin Marin Formoso
9.Ferdinand Guiraud
10.Jens Hage
11.Riber HanssonSweden
12.Tom Janssen
The Netherlands
13.Adam Korpak
14.Peter Nieuwendijk
The Netherlands
15.Roger Penwill
16.Marlene Pohle
17 Dusan Reljic
18.Robert Rousso
19.Juli Sanchis (HARCA)
20.Ivailo Tchvetkov
21.Martyn Turner
22.Bob Vincke
23.Maurice Zabuski

1.Anastasiou Tasos
2.Vassilis Mitropoulos (BAS)
3.Cherouveim Vangelis
4.Dermentzoglou Yiannis
5.Derveniotis Spiros
6.Dranis Yiannis
7.Ioannou Yiannis
8.Kalaitzis Yiannis
9.Kountouris Michalis
10.Makris Elias
11.Maragos Panos
12.Ornerakis Spiros
13.Papageorgiou Vasilis
14.Pavlidis Vangelis
15.Petroulakis Andreas
16.Nikolopoulos Antonis (Soloup)
17.Stavropoulos Stathis
18.Vlachos Kostas
19.Xenou Efi
20.Zervos Petros


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