Monday, October 10, 2005

Eyes wide shut

He was a very talented artist with a huge and loyal following.Critical acclaim was high,Moebius himself congratulated him, the future seemed prosperous.
Than, one day, he simply quit.Vanished.Disappeared.
Fans felt a huge void where his pages used to be,urban legends grew regarding the "why"s, and the whole thing blew out of proportion.
I bumped upon him yesterday.Casual smalltalk,even some shoptalk as if he was still actively present."So what are you doing now?"-i expected every possible answer instead of the one he actually gave me:
"Ι 'm still drawing comics.The moment i finish them, i throw them in the trash.Then i start all over again".
Fuck.This touched all the wrong buttons.
I can understand many things. The demanding pressure of audience expectations after a huge success.The natural burn-out after reaching your maximum working levels.The annoyance towards a spotlight too bright for one's likings.
One thing i could never understand is the act of art creation without the prospect of sharing it-even with a minimum audience.I always thought art creation is all about communication-your way of connecting to others.Other fellow artists told me that they'd keep on drawing even as castaways on a desert island.The urge to materialise what you have in mind is too strong to ignore.
I wouldn't.What's the point? What for?
Why do i even struggle with the question? What does the answer tell me about them?What does the answer tell me about me?
And why do i have the gut feeling that the moment i 'll finally reach a conclusion will be the moment i'll stop making good comics?
Or stop making comics at all?


Blogger Alkisti said...

It's not necessary to create art just to share it.Creation of art can fulfill other inner personal needs. A lot of people write, paint,etc just for themselves.

1:07 pm  
Blogger CD said...

yes master i agree with alkistis!there are things that you just do for yourself!

6:20 pm  

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