Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dream Kings

The Ancient Evil Deity of Bad Programming described elsewhere, prevented me from attending the avant premmiere of Terry Gilliam's latest film.So, instead of what was intented to be a triple homeage, the post will be limited to two of the three Dream Kings who graced the Athens International Film Festival.
The "Mirrormask" was, first and foremost, good news for anyone involved in the comic book community.A movie adaptation of a comic book is one thing.An entirely original project bringing to a mass audience the familiar grand vision of two of the most prominent creators of the field on the other hand, speaks volumes about the extend comics are entering center stage.
Of course, both Neil Gaiman and Dave mc Kean have always been men of many talents, excelling in the areas of prose, novels, illustration, design, and many others i forget.But still...their unigue vision survived intact and translated so well on film, that it was at times difficult not to think of the film as a "3-d moving comic book", and i mean that as a complement.
Any sane movie goer will attest that nowadays "children's movies" are far more intelligent and enjoyable than movies aimed for "adults".You have to search into an emparassingly large quantity of "catwomen" to find something with even one tenth of mainstream "Little Nemo"'s entertainment value.
Multiply that by a factor of 10, and you get Hayao Miyazaki. .
The man who brought us "Spitited away", continues an astounding career with "Howl's moving castle".
All the familiar elements of traditional fairy tales are there, plus THAT extra measure of Transporting Feeling that upgrades something from "genre film" to "thrilling experience".
My deepest respect to the afforementioned gentlemen, and a premature vote of confidence to mr. Gilliam, a man who flirted with financial disaster one too many times, (watch "Lost in Mancha"for more info) but always made the leap of faith from grand heights.
And, to quote mr.Gaiman, when you fall "sometimes you wake up.Sometimes the fall kills you.

And sometimes you fly".

Hail to the Kings!


Blogger CD said...

;]nice article mr.spyros

8:38 am  
Blogger Spi_Der said...

Not too over the top, was it?

11:15 am  
Blogger Alkisti said...

I personally cannot watch cartoon movies. I always believed they were meant only for kids. I have made several trials but....I have not changed my mind about them yet. Is there a possibility to change my mind if I watch Miyazaki's films?

12:00 pm  
Blogger Spi_Der said...

My biased opinion would be that anyone who doesn't enjoy a Miyazaki film has lost the sense of wonder (not a handicap by itself, i can appreciate a cynic;).
I 'd certainly give "Spirited Away" a try if i were you, but if you want to test the temperature in more "adult" waters,try "Hair High", not a Miyazaki cartoon, but certainly not for kids.

12:10 pm  
Blogger Alkisti said...

If I can find them on dvd, I 'll give it a shot.
I don't comment on biased opinions :)

3:24 pm  
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Blogger Idάκι said...

I love the previous spam comment(lmao)

I agree with Spyros on cartoons, I enjoy them much more than grown-up films so to say, and Miyazaki is just ASTOUNDING. Can't wait to see Howl's castle.

And also wanted to say that it was thanks to Spyros that I read my first Neil Gaiman novel, the Neverwhere, experienced chills and thrills throughout it, having lived in London I could somewhat appreciate the metaphors and the humanisation of place names - and finally just LOVED it.

Favourite scene: Hunter's speech on darkness on Night's Bridge. Astounding, every word hitting home...Just perfect!

7:29 pm  
Blogger Spi_Der said...

Why, thank you, Id!I strongly suggest you read the whole "Sandman" series.It may cost a little to buy all ten volumes, but believe me it's worth every cent.And it will speak both to your Greek and your British experience.

7:45 pm  
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