Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I know who killed Kennedy.

Don't you? Everybody and his uncle has a conspiracy theory these days-it's like a car:It creates more problems than it solves, but without it you are a social outcast.
As Dan Brown found out when he went to get his royalties checque,Conspiracy is the new deity.It replaced the old one, New Ageism which replaced the old one, Communism, which replaced the old one,Jesus.Each new religion, as is historically evident, doesn't totally wipe out the old one.It rather prefers using its symbols and customs repurposed, adding insult to injury.Thus it is ok to be a devoted Christian who draws parallels between Christianity and Marxism,taking a sneek peek in today's horoscope while discussing how "the jews were tipped not to go to work that 9/11" in your feng-shui arranged house.
You want further proof? Ever broke down the word? Con-spir-ac-y.
"Con" is an abbreviation for "Communism". "Spir" is of course referring to the "Spirit" of New Age. "ac" is the initials of "Allmighty Christ", and in the end we got the "y" as in "Y are the shadows all wrong in the "moon landing" photos?"
There, you see? I 've created a new conspiracy theory.That's why this new religion kicks ass.Because it delivered the promise of the common individual's participation like no one did before.
So, throw me whatever you got. Show me how we never set foot on the moon, and with the same convincing tone enlighten me on how we not only went to the moon, but what we found there is kept top secret.
Show me everything. I want more.! want in!I don't want to become a social outcast-i want to belong.

I want to believe.


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